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litepal is a free platform and service for merchants and buyers to transact without the clutter and complexity that would otherwise be associated with accepting, sending, or receiving cryptocurrency. We're striving to provide support for all transaction types using a mix of technologies, so whether you're interested in accepting cryptocurrency online or in your store, we'll have you covered. Our online payment system is nearing completion and PoS support is high on our list of product improvements.

litepal provides services and support for merchants with easy integration to most existing eCommerce platforms. Right now we're focusing on providing integrations for online eCommerce solutions but we do plan to provide support for point-of-sale integration in the near future. litepal is currently in development, so check our roadmap for the latest updates.

Bitcoin and Litecoin are the global leaders in cryptocurrency, both are powered by similar technologies with the exception that Litecoin is a modified, more efficient version of Bitcoin focused on retail applications. Litecoin, as a result, is both cheaper and faster to transfer than Bitcoin but unfortunately may not be as universally accepted as Bitcoin. We're working to make Litecoin easier than ever to accept, and if you're interested in sending and recieving cryptocurrency, litepal is here to help.

So why not accept other currencies?

Cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin and Litecoin do exist but not all of these are appropriate choices for merchants or customers, mainly due to liquidity and volatility concerns. It's the equivalent of being a citizen in the United States and trying to buy a pizza with a Starbuck's gift card: it might work depending upon your relationship with your pizza shop, but your struggle is likely to be real.

Why should I pick litepal?

Cryptocurrency processing is a very critical and involved process. litepal uses proprietary software engineered and constructed to process your transactions safely and with ease. All of our core infrastructure is strategically designed with complete failover in mind. We're also launching with a consideration for the global market, and will further our global infrastructure by expanding into a second datacenter location in Luxembourg, early 2019. We've also got big plans for our future product offerings, so keep in touch via your favorite social network or via email.

litepal will also provide optional, complimentary and competitively priced paid services in the future for buyers and merchants. More information about these services will be released soon!

Is litepal still being developed?

litepal is building infrastructure to support and enable the transfer of cryptocurrency globally. We believe that setting a solid foundation is of utmost importance in order to cultivate stability, safety, and integrity. litepal is currently in development and we're progressively releasing services, check the roadmap for more information.